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Super Decathlon approaching KVNC over the Gulf of Mexico
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Lycoming AEIO-360 180 hp

Empty Weight: 1305

G limits: +6  -5

VNE: 200 mph

 Super Decathlon


Thank you for visiting the Super D Aero website!  Our goal is to help you become a safer and more confident pilot.  Nothing will improve your stick and rudder skills more than learning aerobatics!  Whether you're a newcomer to aviation or have thousands of hours in your logbook, becoming proficient in aerobatics will bring your skills to new levels. Train year round in sunny Venice, Florida! We guarantee a highly instructive and FUN flight experience that will boost your confidence and ensure your flying will be safer and more enjoyable than ever.

IAC - the key to all things aerobatic. Training, competition, involvement in the flying community, a source rules & regs
Greg Woods "vertical" in an Extra 200 over the Gulf
Historic Stearman Warbird


Learning to master a tailwheel aircraft takes practice and an 

endorsement before you can act as PIC. Earning the endorsement is the gateway to an exciting world of sport and classic aircraft. The Super Decathlon, with its docile ground manners, makes it rewarding and FUN to learn 3 point and "wheel" landings.


FAR 61.183 requires an applicant for CFI to receive flight training in stall awareness, spin entry, spins and spin recovery procedures. This lesson involves much more than just spin theory but specifically addresses potential stall/spin scenarios that CFI's are likely to be confronted with when  instructing their students.  We want you to be READY!



I have the best job in the world: introducing pilots to aerobatics and tailwheel flying! It is my mission to help make YOU a better and safer pilot.  I began flying in 1985, hold ATP, CFII and MEI ratings and have been instructing for 25 years.  I take great pride in the teaching process and strive to make every lesson productive and FUN!


Ariel view of Venice airport adjacent the Gulf of Mexicco
Ready to taxi out for an exhilarating aerobatic flight



An upset or loss of control situation can occur quickly and from a variety of factors including turbulence, spatial disorientation, wingtip vortices from other aircraft, distraction...Learn life saving techniques to recover the airplane from ANY unusual attitude that you encounter.

Greg Woods shown here with his Extra 200 in Venice, Florida fresh from an exhilarating aerobatic flight

Venice, Florida is located 20 miles south of Sarasota and features gorgeous Gulf beaches and virtually year round flying weather. 

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